Airdrie-Cochrane MLA Peter Guthrie is eager for the Rocky View Foundation to submit its application to construct a new Big Hill Lodge.

In recent years, Guthrie has arranged for several tours by senior ministers to help promote the need for its replacement. The most recent was by Jeremy Nixon, minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services, in January.

Cochrane's MLA says he has been advocating for the lodge for the past four years, but the Rocky View Foundation hasn't completed conceptual drawings or applied for funding as of yet, something he finds a bit frustrating.

"I really impressed upon them that in order to make this budget cycle, they are going to have to have something concrete in by no later than September," says Guthrie. "So, I'm going to be holding them to their promise that they would get that done.

"I think we have a really strong opportunity, a really strong chance here, to get a deal done for Big Hill. Of course, there are a lot of decisions that come into play, but you know, the minister (Nixon) really saw the need as I think anybody does who tours the Big Hill facility."

With final renovations underway on Airdrie's Abrio Place, replacing the Big Hill Lodge is currently the top priority of the Rocky View Foundation, says Chair Susan Flowers.

The foundation received $4 million in funding through the new Affordable Housing Partnership Program to complete its first-ever Airdrie project. About 100 residents are expected to call it home this summer.

Guthrie says it was one of two housing projects recently awarded funding in Airdrie. Airdrie Housing Limited was awarded $1.4 million to build affordable housing.

"Both Airdrie and Cochrane have had tremendous growth and both of them are in real need of housing, both seniors and affordable housing," says Guthrie, "so this was very welcome."