Hail storms over the last week have caused some damage to local crops.

Agricultural Field Man with the M.D. of Foothills, Jeff Porter says it was worse to the north of High River.

"There's a significant swath that went through the Okotoks area, and then cut a southeasterly swath across the municipality. Had isolated hail instances to the north east of Okotoks and the south of High River."

Porter says overall the actual amount of crop damage was small, when the entire M.D. is taken into account.

He says there's some significant damage to the pea and canola crops.

He says there's also some serious damage to some cereal crops that already had heads on them.

He says some of the crops could bounce back, but at a lower quality and yield which effects the producers bottom line.

But he says in some of the areas that were hit, they've had a 100% write off.