It has been a long process for the family run business of Half Hitch, but on July 12 that all changes.

Half Hitch Brewing Company is Cochrane's newest addition to made local products.

Chris Heier, President of Cochrane's Half Hitch Brewing Company says they have been brewing for the past month.

"We've been brewing since the 16th of June that is when we kicked out our first batch of Farmer's Daughter Pale Ale which is now turning out real nice, we are looking at starting packaging that today."

Heier says so far so good, he doesn't anticipate a whole lot of change.

"There shouldn't be too many changes a lot of it is getting a handle on our equipment and how it affects our utilization and how much of each different type of barley that we are going to use in the brewing process. It is mostly just about dialing the equipment and getting us to our targeted flavour we want to get."

Heier says although the first batch was brewed by their Brewmaster eventually all members of the family will learn how to brew.

The verdict is still out on which brew will be a fan favorite, Half Hitch will have three brews available, Farmer's Daughter, Fire N' Fury, Shotgun Wedding .

Half Hitch Brewing is more than just a brewery, they want to support local organizations, events, and keep the focus on Cochrane.

"Being a brewer that kind of  gives us an opportunity to be part of an industry that does generate a lot of revenue so we want some of that revenue to go back into the community events and getting involved in various community functions."

With Heier being a big supporter of shop local, he is hopeful the community of Cochrane will come out to Killarneys on July 12 from 3-9 pm. Community members will have an opportunity to meet the family behind the operation, and learn more about Cochrane's three new locally made brews.