Heartland got to kick off the season of giving early! Every month, PZA Parlour and CochraneNow give away the best present anyone could ever want, free pizza!

Here is how it works, you can nominate someone here and we start off at their house, from there, they tell us where the next pizza goes and we go all night long until we run out!

We kicked off the chain of good karma at Charisse’s house because of this nomination “My best friend Charisse! She is such an amazing mother to her two great children. One of them had dental surgery today so I know she's had a long stressful day. I just want her to know that we are here for her and care for her. I appreciate everything she's done for me in the past and helped me with my three kids. She has been such great support for us and we are so happy she is in our lives!"

Do you know anyone who lives in Heartland? Check out the video below to find out if they got the best surprise ever. We do it again in December and you can nominate someone here.