The Heartland Community Association is reaching out for volunteers to help dismantle and move their community skating rink.

"We have a community rink that we have been lucky enough to have for the last three years," says Robin Parkinson with the Association. "Saturday is our take-down event so it's time to say goodbye to the rink until the fall."

"We definitely need more hands, many hands make light work and make safer work. The boards are very heavy."

The community is hoping for at least six more volunteers to swing by the rink starting at 9 a.m. and going until noon on Saturday, April 22, 2023.

mapThe location of the community skating rink in Heartland

"We are asking if you have a hammer, or if you have a 9/16 millimetre wrench that'll fit the bolts. We have to take the boards apart and the bolts are eight inches long."

Anyone interested can reach out to the Association or just show up the day of. Helpers will be leaving with a full stomach thanks to a free pizza lunch afterwards. 

visitRobin Parkinson visiting Eric in the 91.5 FM CochraneNow studio

"The whole reason we have a rink is because we had a board member in 2020 named Nicole Holden, who was amazing," Robin explains. "She worked really hard with the developer and the town, to fight for there to be something in our community for people to do in the height of the pandemic."

"She basically spearheaded this whole movement mostly on her own to get us a rink. She was there every day making this possible. We also have Perry Malloy, who's another board member and between the two of them, they have maintained, serviced and made sure this rink ran for the last three seasons there."