Ag For Life is hoping to take educating Albertans about the industry out on the road.

CEO of the organization, Luree Williamson says they've launched a new program called What's In The Field.

"We've all been on those trips throughout Alberta and we're looking around, looking at the fields and thinking 'Hmmm, I wonder what that is,' so we thought let's turn the Alberta landscape into a classroom and we're going to put up some field signs that are going to answer just that, what's growing or what's being raised in the field," Williamson says. "We're also going to cross over to the livestock side so we know that when we drive by that most of us will say 'Ya, I know that's a cow' but we'd like to dig a little deeper and go into the breed and just provide people with some additional information."

Passers-by who see the signs can then go to the Ag For Life website to learn more about the crops and animals they've seen.

Williamson says over the last few years there's been greater interest from consumers to know where their food comes from and producers want to share the information with them.

"we've seen over the last several years an interest on the consumers side, wanting to know more about agriculture and where their food comes from and we also have a lot of producers that are very interested and excited in sharing what it is that they do and their role in agriculture and answering those questions that consumers are asking," she says.

Producers can get a sign free of charge by contacting Ag For Life at http;//