During a COVID update yesterday, Dr. Deena Hinshaw addressed the report of two probable cases of severe acute hepatitis in children in Alberta. 

The origin of the cases is not known but Hinshaw did confirm that both children were under the age of 16. 

While she was unable to provide in-depth details she was able to report that one individual has been treated and released and doing well. The second remains in hospital undergoing treatment. 

While the cause of the hepatitis cases is not yet known, Hinshaw says, "If there is an infectious cause for these hepatitis cases, precautions like regular hand washing and staying away from anyone who is ill will be helpful." As is the case, in combating influenza of which three deaths have been reported this year. 

AHS will continue to work closely with federal, provincial, and territorial partners to monitor emerging information. 

Tuesday, Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children identified seven probable cases of liver disease. 

Federal health officials are still investigating whether any of these cases are linked in any way.