A movie making documentary came to Historic Main Street Cochrane on Sunday, June 12.

The unique project was masterminded by local business owner Tim Davidson who feels that transforming Cochrane into the wild west may bolster tourism.

George Gallant, film maker with Gallant Productions, says the shoot went well.

"It was a lot of fun. Everyone in town was really cooperative. I was amazed by how many people came out with horses, full of costume, carriages, and a big red fire truck. It was a great, fun shoot to do."

Gallant says while he has done shoots like this before, the project was unique due to Main street being closed off.

The completed promotional video will be about 5 minutes in length, shares Gallant.

"So we are going to have something ready for the end of the month. I think they want to do a little premier beginning of July- to really kick off what's happening over the summer to see if they can get lots of people in engaged and excited about this new idea of doing some kind of festival/ Main Street activities over summer."

Gallant comments that he he thinks this idea has a lot of merit.

"When I travel in Europe this is what they do. There are a lot of communities that have done this; so I for sure sure think it's a worthwhile idea and I think it will go."