The first-ever Hockey Skills Canada program at the Holy Spirit School is in its second week at the SLS Centre.

School principal Kim Welte says it has been a big hit with the participating grade 5 to 7 students.

"They were so excited," she says. "They had their first day last Tuesday. When they came back we had to temper them down because they had been so excited. They were pretty tired by two o'clock, though," she laughs.

The program is being run by new teacher Darren Girard with the assistance of guest coach (and parent) Dustin Daub.

It's all skill-based instruction and it helps develop their leadership skills in the youth.

"These young boys are excellent leaders at the schools already," she says. "I know Darren has said to the kids, you need to be leaders, you need to keep your academics up, and I've seen it already. They're definitely showing their positivity and their excellence in their attitude."

The Calgary Catholic School District's Hockey Skills Canada program can be expanded up to grade 12.

"So they can hone their skills in hockey, and who knows, maybe they'll make the NHL." 

St. Timothy High School doesn't currently have a hockey skills program but has in the past and is considering reintroducing it.