After 4 years of hard work the Jumping Pound Ridge Community Association is ready to install a brand new playground in the area.

The developers in the area had plans to put in a tot lot, however the Community Association thought a large playground would be a better option for the kids.

Dawn-Marie Cinnamon, Jumping Pound Ridge Community Association Treasurer says, its been a long road to the playground.

"Its been four years that we started a fundraising effort to kickstart a playground," she says. "Through lots of grants that we've applied for, been denied, and then re-applying just to make sure we secured the funds. We've reached our goal and we're ready to put it in."

She says although it took a while, the support from the community was overwhelming.

"We're so thrilled about the support for the community, specifically the Jumping Pound residents, who have worked so hard over the last years to fundraise. Our kickoff was four years ago and we did a huge fundraiser, and that brought in about $60,000, it was great that so many local businesses supported the starting efforts of our playground."

The playground is to be installed from June 9-11, Cinnamon says they need one last push from the community to make the dream a reality.

"I need volunteers desperately, so far we're at about 60% of our goal, we need about 35-40 volunteers a day, its a 3 day build. We chose to do a self install to save money, so we could spend more on the playground equipment."
Install starts Thursday at 8 am, there will be food and water provided.

If you are interested in volunteering you can contact Dawn-Marie Cinnamon at 403-932-6068 or by email at