Cochrane Lions Rodeo Queen Kyla Lightfoot's rein is about to come to an end. 

She spent the last year busy in the community, making approximately 60 appearances at events, rodeos, parades and she even flipped a few flapjacks at the many pancake breakfasts she attended. 

She said it's been an incredible year. "It is definitely very bittersweet, it's been a phenomenal year. It's been such an honour to be part of such an amazing community and represent the Cochrane Lions, I'm sad to see it go, but I know that I will still be active in the community in whatever way that takes me."

She dreamed of this position since she was a little girl, and considers herself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity.

"I would encourage anybody to try out for it. Cochrane is so great that not only have I been involved in so many rodeos across Alberta, I've also been really involved in the community. I think that's something really great that the Cochrane Lions Rodeo Royalty Committee does is they really try to involve you in all of the events that Cochrane holds."

Kyla Lightfoot Kyla popped by 91.5FM to chat with Lauren and Eric

She had the honour of riding in the Calgary Stampede parade in July, on her horse Sammy. 

Lightfoot is heading to university in Edmonton this fall, but plans to stay active in the rodeo world. 

The 56th Annual Lions Labour Day Weekend Rodeo kicks off today. 

The 2024 rodeo Queen will be named this weekend. 

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