The  24th World Transplant Games are going to Perth, Australia in April and Cochrane will be well represented by Michelle Hounslow on Team Canada’s swim team.

“The World Transplant Games Federation brings together transplant organizations from around the world the main focus is to encourage a healthy lifestyle after organ transplants,” explains Hounslow.

“People from all over the world come together, compete, do cultural events, honour donors and really just celebrate the gift of life”

She is a proud recipient of a kidney donation five years ago.

“I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease when I was eight or nine years old and I had three decades of dealing with health issues.” 

“I was lucky that I didn't need to go on dialysis and I ended up getting this kidney transplant in a good time for me, so that was 2018.”

Hounslow is no stranger to the World Transplant Games, having completed in the UK back in 2019. Since then she has continued to ramp up her training to be ready for this year’s event.

“At first I had no idea what to expect, but I knew I liked swimming. I knew I wanted to experience this and the are people who are incredibly dedicated to their training.”

“This time, I'm doing a little bit more training. I'm trying to be in the pool three times a week if I can at the moment. I tried to balance it out so I can strengthen things and just listen to what I'm doing and rest look after my mental health, eat well and just enjoy the time in the pool.”

“Training-wise, that's the focus of a lot of organizations related to transplantation. They want people to focus on the health of it, and maintain this organ for as long as they can because it's a gift.”

SLS Centre has stepped forward to not only sponsor Hounslow for the World Games but will also be hosting a Green Shirt Day event on April 7, 2023.