For the second year in a row, one of the hottest items in Cochrane is bicycles. 

Shane Campbell, one of the owners of Big Hill Cycle says they are seeing high demand for products and services. “It's been extremely busy. We have people that are being a little bit more proactive than usual and they started looking for bikes for the kids and bikes for themselves and we really noticed it in February.”

“People have heard there's going to be a shortage just like last year and they've gotten smarter which is kind of cool.”

As far as bike shortages go, Campbell believes we are just getting started. 

“It's going to be worse this year than last year in terms of products because of the production and shipping of products.”

Many Cochranites are finding cycling the perfect way to get active and outside, and with the warmer weather in town, demand is only growing.

“I ran out of helmets and black bottle cages last year. This year, I was a little bit smarter and I ordered three times as many. It's gonna be worse but we've gotten a little bit smarter and bikes are the same way. I've ordered three times more bikes, the problem is, you know, say if I have ordered 100 bikes. I'm only gonna get,  if I'm lucky, 50 of those. We were a little bit more prepared but the reality is we just can't get enough.”

Campbell says that if you are committed, you will still be able to find the perfect bike in 2021. 

“You can still get your bike right now, you're just gonna have to work a little bit harder. Don't be afraid to put money down on the bike, especially with us, we are required to give you that money back if you change your mind, or if you find a bike somewhere else.”