Reanne Kyla is a singer/songwriter who calls Cochrane her home, but she is originally from somewhere much smaller. “I grew up in a small town called Kirriemuir, Alberta, just actually on a farm about five minutes south of town, and my town only had about nine people at the time and it's still pretty small.”

Kyla has just released her brand new song “Home” which she says she wrote to take her listeners on a trip back to small town Alberta “It really was a longing for people to really grasp the place that I grew up. I think it's a really unique place in Alberta, a very small town. There's just, I don't know, something different about the sky and solitude out there. Just the sound of the birds in the field, or my work.”

“Just talking with some city folk that grew up on a farm. Yeah, there was just like this relatable feeling that we kind of shared that just really stemmed this longing to describe this place that people could just understand and see and experience with me.”

2020 has been a difficult year for musicians and artists around the world, but Kyla has been busy working on her sound throughout the year. “I’ve definitely been focusing more on my craft, now that live shows really aren't a thing right now. I don't want to release music to just add to the noise, I want to make sure that what I'm releasing is important and invaluable to my listeners. So, I've definitely taken the time to just hone in on my craft and work on my writing.”

Check out Reanne Kyla’s new song “Home” below and you can keep up with her here.