Cochrane's Mayor Ivan Brooker was not pleased with the decision made by Rocky View School Board.

Mayor Brooker sat on the naming committee for the new K-8 school 'Fireside School' in Fireside, and he very much supported the defeated name of Lindsay Kimmett School.

"I was very disappointed to say the least. We had a really good committee that got together and we felt it was a totally appropriate name and very meaningful to the school and the community of Cochrane as a whole."

Brooker says the RVS Board asked them to reconvene at one point, but the naming committee stuck to it's guns.

"We were asked if we would reconsider other names, which we did, but then in all fairness, we were stuck as a committee. We felt that, no, you asked us our opinion and this is our opinion."

The Lindsay Kimmett School was then resubmitted as the naming committee's first choice.

"At the end of the day it's the school board's decision. I was a little frustrated, in my mind I always feel that it would be more appropriate to take comments from other trustees. I thought there would have been merit in the choosing of the name to fall to the closest trustees in the community."

RVS Chair Colleen Munro and trustee Fiona Gilbert supported the name, but at the end of the day three other trustees defeated the motion.

"They had some valid points, you can't necessarily or shouldn't just honour one individual over others, there is obviously many deserving people you could name a school after, but if anybody has lived in Cochrane long enough knows the history around Lindsay Kimmett and that family- she was local, she did amazing things in her short life, and the family continues to do amazing things."

Brooker says he will respect the decision, but he is not very happy with it.

In the future, Brooker is hopeful that Lindsay Kimmett's name will be honoured in some other way.

"Maybe as a community, Cochrane can start to look at other things, parks or what not, as an example. Maybe we will take this in a different direction."


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