Mayor Jeff Genung didn't hesitate to extend the length of last night's town's live Facebook session to update residents on undertakings of the town and to answer numerous questions.

The 2021 Report to the Community emphasized the town's major construction projects. The Q&A that followed saw the broadcast run just shy of two hours, well beyond the scheduled one-hour broadcast.

Questions arose on a wide range of issues in the community, and Genung didn't miss a beat in providing answers and views. In fact, he enjoyed the opportunity to connect with residents.

"The amount of engagement and excitement or just enthusiasm of people sending in their questions was great, and I would never shut down people who want to engage with us on things."

"I've missed having daily conversations with people and answering questions about things, and educating people about what we're up to. Tonight was an opportunity to do that."

He says the streamed event will be available on the town website for residents to revisit or view for the first time.

Genung was alone on stage with host Carla Minogue, a Cochranite who is a former CTV and CBC television news anchor/reporter. Behind them was a technical and support crew. It was a refinement of a streamed event last November on the town's traffic plan. 

Inserted were video segments of the six town councillors discussing major town initiatives.