On Tuesday, May 31, Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville MLA, Jessica Littlewood, spoke about the impact climate change has on rural Alberta and the Climate Leadership Plan at the legislature, Tuesday, May 31.
"If we can help support agriculture as part of economic diversification it would be sustainable," Jessica Littlewood said.
"Agriculture has changed a lot with all the research put in since it built our province. Agriculture has the potential to grow so much bigger in Alberta if we support it," Littlewood explained.
Support for agriculture would include manufacturing food in Alberta and international trade.
Presently, the provincial government is not applying the carbon levy to farm fuel.
"If we help lessen the blow on agriculture, we can partner better with our farmers moving forward," Littlewood stated.
Less than five per cent of our exports in Alberta are from agriculture while about 82% are related to oil and gas.