Making sure drivers feel confident before getting behind the wheel is the goal behind a partnership between the Stoney Nakoda RCMP and Stoney Nakoda Health Services. 

Last week the two agencies teamed up to teach Mînî Thnî community members about drivers education.  

RCMP Cst. Nick Mysko said the purpose of the class is to provide up and coming drivers the book theory and practical skills they need before hitting the road. 

"We offer a drivers prep program, so it's not the actual course but it's to get them the confidence to be able to understand the basics of what they're going to face when they go into do the test, or when they get the opportunity to start learning how to drive."   

The program is open to people of all ages and Mysko said they've seen students from 14 up to their late 60s. 

"Driving is very intimidating to begin with so anytime we have the opportunity to educate people and give them a little bit of extra confidence before they actually get into a situation. I think we're helping them out, we're helping us out and we're going to make a much better community because people are going to understand the rules of the road." 

The drivers education prep course has been so well received by the community that it is offered quarterly with this being the fourth course in the past year. 

"Everybody that has shown up has been very excited to take it, and at the end of the day they all leave having learned something. I think it's a very positive experience for everybody who has the chance to take part." 

The program consists of one-10 hour session. 

The next class will be offered in December. 

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