The town once again received a flood of applications for the parks and recreation and civic plaza art task force.

They were among the appointments to five council committees requiring new members.

Fourteen people applied for the one vacant position on the short-term civic plaza art task force, created to select the outdoor art that will be erected by The Station at the Cochrane Crossing on Railway St.

Suzanne Goyetche, who retired this summer from the Cochrane Visitor Centre and is an active visual artist, was selected by council.

Since being established in early 2018, there has been no lack of interest to serve on the parks and recreation board. Sixteen people applied for the four vacancies. Selected were Margaret Clark, Bill Marsh, Laura Spruyt, Kyla Roswell, and Neil McNeil.

Seven people expressed interest in filling three public-at-large positions on the Cochrane Planning Commission. Appointed were Doug Townsend, Heather Moore, and Graham Royea.

Of the three applications received for two positions on the Family and Community Services Advisory Board, Gord Sarkissian and Lisa Foster were selected.

Christopher Gillespie, the lone applicant, and was appointed to the Cochrane Library Board.

Council went in-camera to discuss the applicants before selecting the appointees.