Members from the Cochrane RCMP detachment recently responded to an unusual collision involving a motorcycle and a bear. 

It happened on Aug. 25 just before 10 p.m.

Cochrane RCMP Cpl. Troy Savinkoff says a 49-year-old man from Canmore collided with a bear and reported it to police. 

"We received a complaint of a collision between a motorcyclist and a bear. The victim was driving their Harley Davidson and reported they hit a bear. The driver received quite minor injuries. They were taken to hospital by EMS as a precaution. However his injuries were fairly minor."

The crash happened on Hwy. 1 just west of Hwy. 68 close to the Scott Lake Hill. 

"Bear collisions in the Cochrane area are actually fairly infrequent. We don't respond to too many of them. More so deer and moose and that sort of thing." says Savinkoff. 

"There are statistics that show that the most dangerous time to be driving when it comes to wildlife is right at that beginning of the night time, dusk time. That seems to be when the wildlife travel a little bit more, they start to come out and it seems that's when you're more likely to encounter and obviously people's visibility is a little bit reduced at that time as well."

Savinkoff says there's no update on the bear's condition.