The owners of Dixie are desperately reaching out for help in locating their stolen dog, Dixie.

Aynsley Foss says evident clearly indicates Dixie was stolen from Big Hill Springs Provincial Park on Nov. 27, and her theft has been reported to the RCMP.

"We know Dixie was stolen because her Apple AirTag was manually removed from her collar," she explains. "The AirTag was in a case that was weaved through her collar and could only be removed by a human. It was then discarded on Hwy. 22, just north of Cochrane at 6:03 p.m. "

They found it later that evening around 10 p.m.

Since then, the family has launched an extensive social media campaign, conducted door-knocking, posted flyers, and contacted rescues and vet clinics.

"We have even gone so far as to speak with animal communicators who specialize in lost pets."

They are offering a $5,000 reward with no questions asked for her return.

Dixie turns three on Dec. 14 and is a Maremma. She is used as a highly-trained livestock guardian on their farm.

"Not only does she protect our farm, she is well loved by all of us and the animals at our farm. Each night when night check our animals, she even makes sure that the cats who are following us make it safely into the barn for the evening. "

The owners have made a disturbing discovery since beginning their search. 

"We have heard from several other people who have had their dogs stolen. Some were later found in another province and had been sold. Some show up months later, and some were never to be seen again."

She says dogs like Dixie who are specially trained are at a higher risk of being stolen, along with non-spayed females to be used in puppy mills or expensive purebred dogs.

She strongly suggests people should be on the lookout for suspicious dog theft activity, and take steps to protect their dogs. 


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