Thirty One Piranhas attend the two day swim meet in Canmore. This is the Piranhas second last meet of the regular season before heading off to Regionals.

Breanna Hendriks, Head Coach for the Cochrane Piranhas was amazed at how well the kids swam.

"I actually was pleasantly surprised. We had been doing a ton of metres this last week, lots of hard work and the kids swam awesome. Especially the older kids who were doing like 3600m workouts, a lot of them actually did best times. A lot of the other swimmers also had new milestones as far as like we had a couple of swimmers who did the 100 fly for the first time and a couple who did 200 IM and 1500- it's really exciting to see them achieve that, they're really proud of themselves, so it's exciting."

The swimmers hard work and dedication will lead to some exciting moments in the weeks ahead, say Hendriks. "It just kind of reiterates that we are going to see some awesome swimming coming up into Regionals and Provincials. It should be a great finish to the season."

  • Ben Barclay placed 1st in 9/10 year old events 100 meter IM; 50 meter Butterfly (Fly); 25 meter Butterfly and 50 meter Backstroke.
  • Jake Barclay placed 3rd place in boys 13/14 year old 100 meter freestyle event along with a couple of 5th place and 6th place finishes in other events. 
  • Nicole Gross placed 1st in girls 13/14 year old 100 meter Freestyle and 2nd place in the girls 100 meter Fly. 
  • Stephanie Gross placed 3rd in all her events of the girls 15-17 year old categories including: 100 meter IM; 100 meter Freestyle; 100 meter Backstroke and 1500 meter freestyle. 
  • Bryson Hammer placed 2nd in the boys 11/12 year old 200 meter IM event. 
  • Max Kruger placed 1st in the boys 11/12 year old 200 meter IM; 2nd in 100 meter Breast; and 2nd in 50 meter Fly.
  • Sarah Nusl placed 1st in the girls 13/14 year old 100 meter Fly; and 100 meter Back; along with 2nd place finishes in the 200 meter IM and 50 meter Back events. 
  • Kade Peterson placed 3rd in the boys 7/8 year old Backstroke event. 
  • Eric Swedlo placed 1st in the boys 13/14 year old 100 meter Breaststroke event and 1st place in the 50 meter Breaststroke. 
  • Connor Swedlo placed 1st in the boys 15-17 year old 100 meter Backstroke; a 2nd in 100 meter Freestyle and 3rd place in the 100 meter IM and 50 meter Freestyle. 
  • Duncan Swedlo placed 1st in the boys 18&Over category  in the 200 meter IM and 200 meter Freestyle events. 

In the Relay events the Piranhas teams had some good results with: 

  • A 2nd place finish in the girls 17&U 200 meter medley relay  - swimming on this team was Stephanie Gross; Natalie Barreto-Waringer; Nicole Gross and Sarah Nusl. 
  • A 3rd place finish in the girls 10&U 100 meter Freestyle event from swimmers Mackenzie Banfield; Isabella Barreto-Waringer; Sydney Carnegie and Kaitlyn Eiserman
  • A 1st place finish in the girls 17&U 200 meter Freestyle form the team of Sarah Nusl, Darci Petersen, Nicole Gross and Stephanie Gross. 
  • A 2nd place finish in the boys 12&U 200 meter medley relay from Aaron Swedlo; Bryson Hammer; Ben Barclay and Quinn Fitzsimmons.
  • A 1st place finish in the boys 17&U 200 meter medley relay from Jake Barclay; Eric Swedlo; Max Kruger and Connor Swedlo

The full list of results can be found here.

The next meet for the Piranhas is August 6 at the Talisman Centre in Calgary, with Regionals the weekend of August 13-15 , followed by Provincials on August 19-21.