The cops are on the lookout for kids doing good things this summer.

"RCMP, municipal enforcement and Fish and Wildlife are out checking kids doing positive things in the community, whether that's bike safety or just being kind and treating each other great," says Tamara Low, of Cochrane and Area Victim Services.

They'll be keeping an eye out for youth demonstrating personal safety, doing good deeds, making smart choices, and demonstrating community pride.

Those receiving a positive ticket will also be rewarded with a coupon for a free treat from one of six locations in Cochrane and Mini Thni. 

Plus, there's a chance to walk away with some awesome prizes, including one of two Nintendo Switch packages.

"It's about that positive interaction with police and youth so that they can approach police if they're ever in trouble, and there's that trust," she explains.

She says it wouldn't have been possible without sponsors Vivian Cox and Marilyn Clark of Century 21.

Cox says they saw it as another way to give back to the community.

"I think it's one of those things that have such a huge impact on our youth," says Clark. "It allows them to feel more positive about building a relationship with the RCMP and those folks that are sort of authority figures to them. For us, it's just important to be part of the community that we live in and we love."

To enter the draw for the grand prizes, parents can post a photo of their child's ticket and tag Cochrane and Area Victim Services. If they aren't on social media, they can call the Victim Services office (403-851-8055) to enter.

The program continues until Aug. 31 with the draws to follow.