Cochranites are encouraged to share their feedback on local services, marking the initial phase in shaping the 2025-2027 budget.

To take part in the survey and share their feedback, community members can utilize the QR code or text link provided on the postcard distributed to each residence, or they can visit before May 8th.

Before finalizing the budget, the Administration aims to understand the community's preferred service level. This ensures that departmental business plans and budgets align with community expectations, facilitating efficient and financially sustainable service delivery.

“Engaging Cochrane residents during this budget process continues to be a priority for Council and Administration,” says Stacey Loe, Executive Director Corporate Services, Town of Cochrane. “We are looking for feedback on municipal services again this year so we can ensure that Cochrane’s budget reflects the service levels: what is working for you, what isn’t, and how we can best serve the people of Cochrane – today and into the future.”

The findings from last year's survey showed that half of the residents were in favour of raising taxes to sustain or enhance services. This input prompted greater funding allocations towards parks, pathways, roadways, and community safety, including the hiring of four additional firefighters, stated the Town of Cochrane. 

Residents over the age of 18 may also be selected for a random telephone survey administered by an external consultant.

You can find more information about the budget survey HERE.