The cattle industry has seen strong prices in the feeder markets, with the lightweight feeder cattle bringing the largest average price increases compared to the previous week. 

According to the Manitoba Cattle Marketing Report, the 401 to 500 pound steers had an average price of $411.88 per cwt and $351.08 per cwt for the same weight of heifers. The biggest jump for feeder steers came in the 501 - 600 pound category for an average of $ 389.21 per cwt.

D1-D2 cows averaged $119.88 per cwt, while D3 cows averaged $103.20 per cwt

Meantime, there were not enough cattle to determine pricing last week in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

The last Alberta fed steer price established this year was on January 12 at $218.75 per cwt.

Prices on Alberta cows were down on the week ending January 26 with D2 cows averaging $127.33 per cwt, while the price of D3 cows was $113.48 per cwt.

The rail price for non-fed cattle in Alberta was $250.00-$255.00 per cwt, which is unchanged compared to January 19.