Imagine what it would be like to own your own piece of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, B.C. while earning a return on your investment. That’s an ideal scenario, especially for someone who lives less than three hours away in Cochrane. Well, dream no longer. It’s now within reach.

Pinnacle Lifestyles Resorts is offering a unique opportunity to invest in the rapidly growing cabin and RV resort sector. Canada’s fastest growing outdoor recreation resort development company has launched the Pinnacle Lifestyles Fund III that is focused on operating and developing three recreational communities in Western Canada, including a new development underway on a 200-acre riverfront property in Golden, B.C. Because the minimum investment is $25,000, it’s both TFSA and RRSP eligible, in addition to being tax efficient for non-registered accounts CEO Darvin Zurfluh says it's an ideal fund for eligible investors seeking a longer-term investment.

An eligible investor is someone with an annual income of $200,00 (or $300,000 with their spouse/household) or $1 million in net financial assets. Cash distribution is forecasted to begin in two years.

“We have a minimum hold of a four-year term, but we’re really looking for people to have a six-to-seven-year hold on this investment who are looking for a passive investment where they can also come out to see the progress and enjoy some of their investment at the same time.”

There’s so much to enjoy at Pinnacle Lifestyles destinations in beautiful British Columbia and Alberta. All their resorts offer modern and private RV lots and cabins for a relaxing break from everyday life. Whether you’re seeking a golf getaway, a fishing retreat, some beach time or just a place to kick back in privacy, they’ve got you covered.


The success story of Pinnacle Lifestyles Resorts began in 2020 with the idea of offering a more fulfilling experience for RVers. In a matter of a few years, it has grown into six properties, soon to be seven, with less than 25 per cent LTV.

Approximately 2.2 million Canadians own or have access to an RV. In B.C. alone, there are 18 RVs for every fully serviced RV campground. Canada wide, RVers spend over $3.3 billion annually on goods and services.

“There’s a massive shortfall, more so in British Columbia than anywhere else in North America as far as the number of RVs out there, compared to the number of places to plug in,” he says. “We’re looking to fix that problem.”

“We’re loving the business, the industry, and are very passionate about it. We think it’s going to be a growth sector for the next two to three decades.”

You can get the full details while enjoying a burger and beer in the private room upstairs at Half Hitch Brewing Company, 10 Griffin Industrial Point, on Wednesday, May 22.

The event begins at 6 p.m. with a 45-minute presentation beginning at 6:30 p.m.

CEO Darvin Zurfluh and vice-president Andrew Watts will be available following the presentation to answer any questions.

To register, go to and click on the bright yellow Cochrane event button at the top right-hand side.

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