Griffin Road Medical Clinic is inviting locals to their grand opening.

The special day will be a chance for tours, speaking with physicians and a chance to experience what the area’s newest clinic, located in east Cochrane at the new Griffin Mall, has to offer.

According to Dr. Uche Nwadike, owner and physician at the clinic, the journey to open a clinic in Cochrane has been years in the making, and one he said is founded in wanting to offer the community quality healthcare.

Dr. Nwadike’s passion for medicine stems from his childhood when he observed his grandfather in Nigeria.

"My grandfather was what you might call a traditional healer and I was very close to him. I was inspired when he provided care to people and that's where my interest in medicine started."

He has practiced medicine across the globe including in Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, as well as in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Nwadike came to Cochrane in 2022 and heard news of many local family physicians either resigning or leaving, and he decided that he wanted to fill that gap. Through discussions with Cochrane's mayor, as well as the MLA, Dr. Nwadike became determined to open the clinic.

"We started the journey of setting up a clinic here in Cochrane, which we're proud to open to the public," he said. "We are hoping to fill that gap and provide extended hours. [We also want to] provide primary care physicians to people who don't have physicians here."

Currently, two physicians staff the clinic. The clinic is meant to provide holistic family medicine, but also other specializations. One doctor specializes in dermatology, while another specializes in aesthetics medicine.


Other highlights include pediatric care, women's health, and servicing as a walk-in clinic for all ages.

"We want to provide personalized care; we know that every individual is different," he added.

"In designing this facility, what we had in mind, was to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment with the latest technology in family medicine, and staff it with talented, compassionate physicians; dedicated to providing care to people in our community."

The clinic's grand opening is being held on Friday (May 24) from 3 to 5 p.m.