Just like water and driving safety, railway crossing safety warrants a regular reminder.  While it may seem trivial to some, there is no question that there is a need to reiterate what is considered common sense. Every year over 100 people are seriously injured of killed due to railway crossing or trespassing incidents. It is so important that people are vigilant 24/7 when it comes to safety.

With the recent opening of the pedestrian railway crossing in Heartland, along with Cochrane's other five crossings in town a reminder certainly can't hurt. Salem Woodrow, Media Relations Manager with CP Rail says, "We wanted to let residents know about some of the safety recommendations on how to properly come in contact with a warning system or crossing system. Just general reminders how people can be safe around railway tracks."

  • Stop, look, listen for a train approach a crossing as you would any other intersection
  • If the warning system is not activated, proceed with caution
  • If the warning system does activate DO NOT run across, WAIT
  • NEVER try to beat the train
  • NEVER crawl under the arms if in the lowered position
  • Cochrane crossings are two tracks that means two trains could be travelling in opposite directions at the same time 
  • If a train is stopped in a crossing NEVER climb on, over or under the train
  • Wait for the warning system to be fully deactivated before crossing with caution

If the warning system has engaged and there is no train in sight, please contact CP Police 1-800-716-9132 to report this issue, or any railway emergency.

Cochrane is involved with the Look.Listen.Live Community Safety Partnership with CP, CP Police Service and Operation Lifesaver, a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting rail safety. For more information on rail safety, please visit operationlifesaver.ca