With a growing number of protests provincewide, the Alberta RCMP says they will take the necessary steps to prevent operational disturbances at local healthcare facilities and keep Albertans safe.

Planned protests have occurred at hospitals and health care facilities in the province's largest cities this week with protesters angrily expressing their opposition to COVID-19 restrictions and vaccinations.

So far the protests have occurred outside of RCMP jurisdiction, however, The Alberta RCMP is warning that they will "take appropriate actions to prevent disturbances to staff, patients or general hospital operations" if events like these take place within their areas of operation.

In a statement on Facebook they say that "While all individuals have the right to peaceful assembly, it is important that any gatherings do not impede access to, or interfere with the operations of these facilities."

They are asking anyone attending protests around the province to be respectful and they say that "disruptions at healthcare buildings could have life or death consequences."

The protests this week were planned by a group called Canadian Frontline Nurses and they have taken place right across Canada, including two in Alberta.