On Wednesday May 25, a homeowner was shocked to learn that one of their vehicles had been stolen out of their Jumping Pound garage.

Constable Nathan Thomas with the Cochrane RCMP says the case is still under investigation.

"Our knowledge is that the vehicle was parked in the garage and the garage appears to have been opened through a garage opener in a second vehicle, and the vehicle that had been stolen had the keys in it and when the individual(s) got into the garage they were then able to take that vehicle with the keys and depart with that vehicle.

Cst. Thomas adds the missing Jeep has been located in Calgary.

"With the vehicle being recovered in Calgary they will be examining the vehicle and determining whether there is any evidence to put somebody in the vehicle or to identify who might have taken the vehicle."

On the Cochrane side, Thomas adds no suspects or suspicious activity has been reported to the Cochrane detachment nor have they received any other complaints of theft.

Cst. Thomas says vehicle theft is not common in Cochrane.

"We don't generally have a lot of stolen vehicles from the Town of Cochrane. We do have incidences where people will enter in to vehicles, generally if the vehicles are left unlocked, and there is any valuables located within the vehicle that they can quickly grab and move on."

Thomas can't stress enough to lock up and remove anything of value from your vehicle.

"Don't leave anything valuable in the vehicle, don't leave any loose change in plain sight, because it is like bait. Ensure your vehicles are locked remove any wallets, cell phones, even GPS's atleast hide them away. If your vehicle is on the street just make sure it's locked; you don't want to forget to lock it and then someone now has access to it,  it might have your garage door opener in it and if you leave a spare set of keys to your house now someone has access to that."

As the weather gets warmer, Cst. Thomas says petty thefts from vehicles become more common.

"During the summer there does seem to be an increase in foot traffic in the neighbourhoods and we do have an issue of people going into primarily unlocked vehicles. Generally we don't see the vehicles being damaged to gain entry, so if the vehicle is unlocked someone will go in and have a quick rummage through. Best medicine is to make sure the vehicle is locked."