Cochrane RCMP will be on the lookout for those who choose to not abide by the law.

Staff Sergeant Jeff Campbell says, unfortunately May Long usually experiences one or more fatal accidents on roads or highways over the weekend.

Campbell adds that the detachment will have beefed up resources.

"Starting on Friday May 19 we will be doing a combined effort with the RCMP, our Alberta Provincial Sheriffs department, and Commercial Enforcement partners as well. We will have extra officers out, starting Friday afternoon into Saturday and Sunday, also Monday for the drive home."

The goal for the long weekend is to ensure safety.

"To ensure the general public is following the rules of the road and so everybody gets out to where they want to go to safely and enjoy the weekend."

The highways will not be the only place you will see the RCMP this long weekend, officers will be in the back country as well.

"We are working in collaboration with Alberta Parks and Conservation Officers, and also Fish and Wildlife to ensure that now with the off highways road vehicles ban being off and also the fire bans, we are going to make sure everyone is following the rules out there especially in the public land use areas."

Historically in Glenmore, Maclean Creek, and Waiporious areas, Campbell says people think it's okay to head out and ride without following or knowing the law.

"If you are taking an off highway vehicle it must be properly insured and registered, it must have the proper fire protection on the exhaust system."

Campbell comments they will also be looking to make sure those that recreate in the area are maintaining good stewardship of the land.

"That they are not riding through creeks, they are not riding in areas they aren't supposed to be and destroying it. If we don't protect it, it is not going to be there for the rest of us."

You can't be out drinking and driving your ATV or shooting in places you aren't supposed to, Campbell shares you need to be aware of what is beside, between, or behind your target if you are firing.

"You could be liable under the Criminal Code for misuse of firearm, or unsafe firearm usage"

Campbell comments that everyone wants to enjoy the weekend.

"As long as everyone abides by the rules and goes out and has fun, you can do that by playing inside the rules; then we should have a great weekend."