Reeve Greg Boehlke says Rocky View County is all good with measures taken in the provincial budget.

Now he's anxious to see if the government will be following through on its commitment to eliminate some boards and takes particular aim at the Calgary Metropolitan Regional Board.

He believes the board is redundant, costly and views it as low-hanging fruit.

"We'd like to have the freedom to develop without being constrained by the region and Calgary," says Boehlke.

"It would also put more money back into the municipality's hands, rather than having to donate all that staff time to do things that are redundant. The whole region has worked well together in the past and we can still do that and still be very successful."

Cochrane Mayor Jeff Genung is vice-chair of the regional board.

Boehlke says the county is well-positioned to meet the challenges of the provincial budget.

He is confident it won't have a major impact on municipal property taxes, saying Rocky View's spending practices are already aligned with the Kenney government's objectives.

RVC officials determined the single major change is a reduction in Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) funding for capital projects, like roads, bridges and recreation centres.

"The loss of MSI funding will have a limited impact on 2020, but may slow the implementation of some new capital projects in 2021 and beyond," says Boehlke. We accept that as the reality of the economic conditions Alberta faces."

Good planning has served the county well, says Boehlke.

"We have a good assessment split and businesses that create jobs. This was all pre-planned by Rocky View a few years ago."

"We're right on board with the government's austerity measures to try to get us back into a balanced budget and hopefully get us out of debt down the road. The situation we're in the result of four years of just uncontrolled spending and they had to do something."

County staff are working to adjust budgets and spending plans to account for the chance. RVC believes it can deliver a 2020 budget that is in line with standard growth and inflation rates.