Powerhouse Deegan Reutlinger is back in the Rockyview Rage lineup and flexing his offensive muscle.

Reutlinger scored 18 goals in the Rage’s two-game homestand over the weekend to help catapult the Jr. B T2 into first place in the south division. The17-year-old had a 23-point weekend.

Friday night, the Rage stung the Didsbury Stingers, 19-7, then cooled the High River heat, 18-11, on Saturday afternoon.

They have a 6-4 record with six games remaining in the regular schedule.

Although they are holding down first, there are a few contenders hot on their tail with games in hand.

Wednesday night, The Rage are at Calgary’s Stu Peppard to face the Axemen in a rare mid-week game.

We don’t see them back here until June 15 when they host the Bandits.