Rocky View County (RVC) councillor Kevin Hanson wants to get discussions back on the table for a secondary exit from West Bragg Creek.

With the support of deputy reeve Sunny Samra, he gave a notice of motion to receive an update on the efforts for the county priority that appears to have stalled.

Almost 10 years ago, West Bragg Creek residents were temporarily left without an exit or access to their homes during the devastating flood of 2013. A 2016 study identified seven options with one traversing Tsuut'ina Nation being the preferred option.

Discussions were held in 2018 between the county and Tsuut'ina officials and a memorandum of understanding was prepared. But since then, Hanson says limited discussions and negotiations have taken place.

He wants RVC administration to prepare a report outlining the identified access/egress routes, the status of the project, and potential options for the committee's consideration to advance the project in a timely manner.

Hanson says the route remains a priority for both the county and Bragg Creek residents.

RVC council will discuss the notion at its May 23 meeting.