Residents in Rocky View County can look forward to their property taxes decreasing by 1.3 per cent after the 2016 budget was released.

Not much deliberation was needed by Rocky View County council to come to the decision and as a result, Rocky View County continues to have one of the lowest residential property tax rates in Alberta.

Greg Boehlke, Rocky View County councillor and reeve, said there was a potential for an increase, however, council decided to dip into the county's 'rainy day' fund instead.

"The proposed raise was only 1 per cent anyway but we were putting money into reserves and council felt that, that sends a message of restraint if we can hold back on raising taxes when we have enough money to go to reserves."

According to Boehlke, it was a unanimous decision on council's behalf.

"There really wasn't a lot of debate on that item at all. It was unanimous, I believe, to not raise the rates and to hold the line."

Although the educational tax requisition was raised by 4.6 per cent, Rocky View County was able to avoid the increase due to assessment growth.

In 2015, the residential property tax rate in Rocky View County was over $4.92. This year, the rate is over $4.84 per thousand dollars.

The County receives $2.44 of that while the Province sees $2.40.