Cochrane Rodeo Queen is taking a little time to admire her new saddle from the Cochrane Lions Club before strapping it on a horse.

Rodeo Queen Breanna Correia says it's currently on display by the front door of her home for visitors to have a chance admire. She says she'll likely wait a while before testing it out, so as not to dirty its appearance.

Correia has had a hectic schedule since being crowned queen on Labour Day. She regular represents the rodeo, and unofficially the town, at numerous community events.

Those appearances include Remembrance Day, the Poppy Tea, and the launch of Cochrane Now 91.5. She's also been doing some advance promotion for next year's Labour Day Weekend Rodeo.

This Saturday, she's looking forward to being part of the wildly popular Cochrane Light Up. After that, she'll be attending a few more Christmas events and the New Year's Eve celebration,

"It has been super fun," she says. "Everyone is super supportive of the board and with the Lions. It's been an incredible experience so far, and I can't wait to continue you on this journey."