A prize that is fit for Royalty could be yours.

The Stockmen's Annual Dinner and Auction is happening this week with a very unique item up for grabs. 

Scott Grattidge, executive director with the Stockmen’s Memorial Foundation said they are auctioning off the brand of a former King. 

"Both the cattle and the horse brand of who used to be Edward Prince of Wales and who was later the Duke and then for about 10 months was the King. His brand was EP because he had bought the EP Ranch back in 1919 and he had it for about 43 years." 

"We didn't get any crown or any jewels from the Royal chest of jewellery," laughed Grattidge, "But if you want to own a piece of Royalty, this is probably one of the easiest ways to do it." 

Although the dinner portion of the event is sold out, Grattidge said this event is their major fundraiser of the year and you can still participate in the online auction.

"It goes towards programming for the rest of the year. We have quite a few school groups come in and local groups, staffing, our rent and pay the bills for the year. That helps put the money towards it so we can keep going for another year."  

They typically raise about $30,000 at the event. 

Bidding closes on the auction items on the evening of Saturday, Oct. 28.  

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