Cochranites are in for a special treat this weekend as Canadian singer/songwriter Shawna Caspi comes to town.

Caspi describes herself as "a connector of curious humans – is a singer, a poet, a painter, a fingerstyle guitar player." Toronto musician Sarah Hiltz will join her for a show in the Cochrane House Concert series.

“If someone hasn't been to a house concert before, it's presented in somebody's actual house,” explains Caspi. “This house concert is open to the public, but you have to contact the host in advance to get directions and to reserve a spot.”

“We all hang out in a nice cozy living room. There are usually some snacks and the performers play a concert as though you're going to see a show at a cafe, concert hall, or any other listening space. But it's cool because everybody's really close up. You get to hang out with each other.”

“We get to tell stories and sing songs and it's a pretty special concert experience.”

The show will be held in Sunset Ridge this Sunday at 7 p.m. as a part of Caspi’s Winter Tour.

“I love playing in Alberta, particularly. There's just something so special about those Alberta audiences. They really appreciate music. They really love to listen, and there's been so much support for my music out here and I tend to come back to Alberta whenever I can.”

“It's my first time spending any sort of significant time in Cochrane. I've been through it before, but I'm excited to actually settle in for a little bit.”