Council unanimously supported Patrick Wilson's motion to have administration prepare a briefing on the different fees that could be entirely waived by the town for charity events, as opposed to noncharity events.

Wilson says he was made aware of the fees charged by the town in conversations with the organizers of the Kimmett Cup, which donates 100 per cent of its proceeds to charity annually.

"I'd like to have that conversation about 100 per cent charitable causes possibly being excused from all town facility rental fees, building permit costs, and other financial obligations to host community events," Wilson told council.

While interested in the discussion to follow, Councillor Susan Flowers foreshadowed it could be a slippery slope.

"It's a tricky area to get into because there are so many groups and so many things happening."

Mayor Jeff Genung asked if the briefing would include details on what is provided for the fees charged by the town. He said he understands it includes garbage management, providing access to town facilities, turning on power, as well as cleanup.

"I was approached with this similar question, and I went through the administration channels and did some research about what any charitable organization gets for the $100 fee."

Councillor Alex Reed wants it to include a calculation on the loss of revenue to the town.

Wilson says he wants everything to be put on the table.

"There's even a chance when we get all the information back, I wouldn't even being promoting my notice at that point because it might be clear that what we do is already the correct way."

A briefing is expected by May 31.