Prepare your palate for a tasty night to kick off the weekend.

Every restaurant in the hamlet will be involved for Taste of Bragg Creek tomorrow evening.

Charlie Holschuh with Taste of Bragg Creek said the event has become so popular that they've made a switch on how they're doing things.

"Each vendor will be at the individual restaurants this year, not at the centre anymore because we have outgrown it. The benefit is that you'll get to see the individual restaurant and stores rather than being at the centre and only hearing about it."

There will be 10 different restaurants, bakeshops and liquor stores to sample from. 

"The food is from alpine Rocky Mountain cuisine at the Bavarian, to Italian at the Farmhouse, to western at the Rockie's Tavern. There's lots of variety." said Holschuh. 

Charlie Holschuch - Taste of Bragg Creek Lauren Meister, Charlie Holschuh, Eric Ruttle 

Funds raised will help support the Bragg Creek Community Centre and Swamp Donkey Musical Theatre. 

Tasting tickets are $2 each and are available at the Bragg Creek Community Centre, Swamp Donkey Musical Theatre and Miranda Rosin's MLA office. 

The event goes Friday, April 21 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

Taste of Bragg Creek map