Windy conditions didn't prevent cyclists from completing the Rogelli Cochrane Crusher gravel course in record time on Aug. 20.

The second edition of the Rogelli Cochrane Crusher gravel race attracted about 100 cyclists for its 98k race and 49k recreational event.

crusher 1It was a tight three-way race from the start, with Andrew Davidson, centre, crossing first.

Cochrane's Andrew Davidson crossed first with a time of 3:02:15:08 in a tight three-way race with other front runners Clint Perrett (2:02:15:10) and Oliver Hamel (3:02:15:11).

Kelsey Duffield won the women's event a half hour ahead of her nearest competitor with a time of 3:15:38.

"The wind was tough on the people, but in the end, the times were even faster," says organizer Robert Martens of Rogelli, who is also president of Bike Cochrane.

Martens says the slight route change instituted this year was well received.

gravel 2

"I think it was received well because this was a road that is not maintained by the county, so it is a bit more natural double track rather than a bunch of gravel that's being graded once in a while. It's a beautiful valley where they have to go through and I got a lot of good feedback from it."

Cyclists from across Alberta and a few from British Columbia competed, including one who had been evacuated from West Kelowna due to wildfire.

Martens says they received tremendous support from the local business community and had a team of about 15 volunteers.

gravel 3Organizer Robert Martens speaks with cyclists at the starting line.

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