A place where people can walk along a circular pathway to calm their minds with some self-reflection will be officially opened this Saturday.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Labyrinth created by the Seniors on the Bow (SOTB) begins at 11:30 a.m. with the piping in of emcee Nancy Gibbie and other delegates.

It's been a long journey in itself for the Seniors on the Bow and a team of dedicated and determined volunteers to complete the project, with the assistance of some partners.

People are encouraged to bring lawn chairs for the ceremony. Coffee and cake follow.

"Plus, we're going to have an area set up so people can grab a rock and paint it while they're there," says Gibbie.

It took extensive planning, fundraising, and then endless volunteer hours of work to bring the labyrinth to life. They moved soil, collected rocks, then painted them to create the three circular pathways leading to the centre. Another crew built a gazebo off-site and then assembled it in the centre. Most recently, they added an entryway, where contributors are recognized.

A massive amount of drought and deer-resistant perennial plants were planted. Gibbie says about 75 per cent of the plants survive the winter and last summer's extensive drought.

"We watered for a whole month last year when we had that drought. We went down with buckets of water every day to water the plants to make sure they survived."

More plants will be added over time, as well as more decorative rocks and soil.

"That's an ongoing thing. We're going to have to keep an eye on it and add to it every year until it gets completely filled in."

"We're still doing the dirt. They still needed a whole layer because during the winter it all got packed down, so we've been hauling dirt for the last couple of weeks."

"We're done as much as we can be for the moment. We'll maintain it and keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't go to ruin, but I think the public, in general, will be very careful. They'll police it themselves."

For those unfamiliar with labyrinths, which can be found worldwide, Gibbie provides a brief walk-through.

"You start from the beginning and you walk around the outside, then you take the second circle in, and the third circle, and all the while you're contemplating your problems. When you reach the middle, you sit in the gazebo, think for a while, and rid of everything that you're worried about. Then when you walk back out, you let go of all these negative feelings that you had when you started."

The labyrinth is located on the Bow River side of the SLS Centre. The closest parking is by the back entrance to the curling centre.