Ballco Feeders has carved out a big slice of a niche market.

Jeff Ball says his family has been in the Brant area southeast of High River since the 1940's and the feedlot has been in business since 1993.

He says Ballco Feeders is a family-run business where they grow about 4,000 acres of grain along with the cow-calf operation and the feedlot.

For the last several years they're raised premium Wagyu beef.

"We've been dabbling in it for a long time and then the last four years we've been concentrating on expanding that a little bit more," Ball says. "It's called Brant lake Wagyu and we're really proud of it. It's expanded quite a bit through western Canada and now into Eastern Canada and we market mostly to hotel restaurants and it's more of a white table cloth product."

He says there's A, AA and AAA and Prime, it would be considered Prime-Plus.

With many people looking to buy food that;s grown with-in a 100 kilometres of home it's something they've tried to capitalize on.