Expect a widespread avalanche cycle to kick off today due to warm temperatures, ample sunshine, and high freezing levels.

"It may be spring, but Banff National Park and Kananaskis Country have elevated avalanche danger over the next few days." stated Avalanche Canada. 

Temperatures are forecasted to recover only slightly overnight. It's wise to steer clear of all avalanche terrain during this time. 

Avalanche Screenshot from Avalanche Canada 
  • The likelihood of deep persistent slab avalanches will increase with each day of warm weather.
  • The more the snowpack warms-up and weakens, the more conservative you`ll want to be with your terrain selection.

In the alpine regions, there's been 10-25 cm of new snowfall along with some fresh wind-slab formation. With warm temperatures and abundant sunshine predicted from Wednesday through Saturday, the upper snowpack is expected to weaken, leading to widespread loose moist avalanches.

With the warm temperatures, the mid-pack persistent layer and basal depth hoar layer are anticipated to become active, potentially triggering deeper and full-depth slab avalanches.

"If you're planning to recreate in those areas, be sure to get the forecast and match your plans to the conditions."

You can view the forecast HERE.