With the arrival of spring, Rocky View County (RVC) has put road bans in place, effective until June 15.

These restrictions are an annual measure aimed at preserving the longevity of the county's roads, specifically targeting commercial and heavy-duty vehicles transporting substantial loads.

During the spring thaw, roads become softer and more susceptible to damage. Implementing road bans not only helps save money on repairs but also enhances road longevity and ensures greater safety for drivers on county roadways.

Throughout RVC, county enforcement personnel will conduct spot checks. However, vehicles utilized for passengers and recreational purposes are exempt from these inspections.

During the prohibition period, the following restrictions apply to commercial and heavy vehicles, including those transporting cargo or equipment used in agriculture:

  • 90 per cent on paved and gravel roads.
  • 75 per cent on chip-sealed and oil-surfaced roads.
  • 50 per cent on roads where conditions warrant.


The duration of the bans in place is subject to change based on weather and road conditions.

-With files from Connor May