Decent weather is resulting in some good seeding progress.

Crop's Extension Specialist Sara Tetland says the May 28th Crop Report shows about 80% of the crop is now seeded in Saskatchewan. 

"Seeding is most advanced in the southwest at 92 percent, there's 84 percent seeded in the southeast, 80 percent in the west-central region, 75 percent in the northwest, 73 percent in the northeast and 69 percent in the east-central region." 

Tetland notes moisture conditions vary around the Province with many areas seeing some rain, the majority of which was reported in the western regions which is helping to improve soil conditions, while limited moisture is reducing emergence.

In Alberta, over 80 percent of the crop has been seeded, seeding in all regions is ahead, except for the Peace and northwest regions which is still behind.

Farmers have also been dealing with the harvest, with that in mind Agricultural Financial Services Corporation has developed a ‘salvage’ grade factor for 2019 insured crops that are spring combined, to account for the current market conditions.

Adjusters have been busy trying to settle outstanding cases and have made a number of changes with the current situation,  increasing the number of claims verified remotely using yield volume and quality data.

They have also extended the recommended seeding dates on a number of crops to help farmers who are also trying to finish their harvest activities.