STARS is a not-for-profit organization that relies on fundraisers to make sure they have the support to stay in the air for Albertans in case of emergencies. The Friends Of STARS Experience Alberta online raffle is doing just and features experiences from all over the province. 

Cochranite and Spokesperson for Friends of STARS, Carla Minogue says this raffle is really a win-win-win. “It has three goals. The first one is, of course, to raise money for STARS which is such an important organization in Alberta, to support Alberta's hard-hit tourism industry, which was really hurt by the COVID-19 situation, last year and this year as well, and third is to raise the spirits of Albertans.”

Experiences include everything from outdoor adventures like skiing and rock climbing to being pampered and relaxing at some of the most luxurious hotels in Alberta.

“STARS’ is a not for profit organization that relies heavily on the support of projects like this, and the generosity of Albertans. It is very important and very expensive service STARS’. It costs about $10 million a year to operate one base, and there are three STARS’ bases in Alberta.”

Minogue can speak first-hand of the importance of STARS “I have had two experiences. My brother and I have both been rescued by STARS’ after separate accidents, my accident was in 2004 just west of Cochrane on the Trans-Canada highway. I was working on a road construction crew and was hit by a car at the end of the day as I was picking up cones. I broke my back and my pelvis, I have suffered multiple other injuries as well and I had to have a spinal fusion. I really think that being transported by STARS’ helped me get to the hospital safely and quickly in a situation where I had a really high chance of being paralyzed. I'm really grateful for that.

“My brother was rescued by stars in 2007 after he rolled his car northwest of Cochrane on his way to school one day, from my parent’s house. He suffered a severe brain injury and they played an important role in saving his life.”

Raffle ticket sales end January 26, 2021, and the draw date for all the prizes is February 1, 2021.