Shopping without a reusable bag? No problem! Lives With Less Plastic are launching several new T-Shirt Bag Borrowing Stations at local businesses in Cochrane.

“It’s a borrowing system instead of using disposable bags” explains Jade Janzen, of Lives with Less Plastic. “T-shirts donated from the Cochrane Clothesline are being turned into reusable bags. You take a bag if you need it and you return it when you can.”

Janzen hopes to have stands all over Cochrane soon but says this project has been a work in progress for a while.

“It started when I was in grade eight, like in 2019.”

“We started one at Two Pharmacy. I did that through the Mitford Middle School and Leadership Program. T-shirts were donated and then we didn't really go anywhere with it and then COVID. “

“We did some remodeling, and Connie at the Cochrane Clothesline has connected us with all the t-shirts that they are unable to sell. They've been donated to us for making the bags, now we have tons of bags, t-shirts, and stands. We're just ready to bring them to local businesses all over Cochrane”

In Canada, over 15 billion plastic bags are used every year, and single-use plastics make up most of the plastic litter that is found in freshwater ecosystems.  

“The ultimate goal is to reduce one's use of plastics in general. To make sure that the community knows about their consumption of simple things like single-use plastic bags and then empower them to take simple steps to reduce their consumption and environmental footprint for a sustainable future.”

Local businesses interested in hosting a T-Shirt Bag Borrowing Station are encouraged to reach out to Lives with Less Plastic

Want to make your own t-shirt bag? Check out the video below!