Canadian cattle producers have one more export destination for marketing their beef as of last friday.

The federal government announced Taiwan has lifted its temporary ban on Canadian beef, which had been put in place in 2015 as a reponse to the isolated case of BSE found in Canada. This market re-opening came just over a week after Mexico said it would also fully re-open to Canadian beef.

Prior to the temporary ban, Taiwan was Canada's seventh-largest export market for beef, with exports valued at $12 million annually.

In the Mexican market, prior to the market restrictions put in place following the BSE outbreak in 2003, Mexico was one of the top importers of Canadian beef, sending somewhere between $270 million to $290 million of beef per year to Mexico.

In a statement, Canadian Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay also welcomed the news about Taiwan, saying this is an excellent opportunity for the Canadian cattle industry to export its high-quality beef to the global marketplace.