There's good news for motorists travelling through the Bragg Creek area on Hwy. 22.

With the next couple of months, temporary traffic lights are being installed at the Bragg Creek intersection to ease heavy traffic congestion.

Banff-Kananaskis MLA Miranda Rosin says a temporary solution was recently agreed to by Transportation minister Ric McIver.

Rosin worked with McIver's ministry to receive approval for a major intersection upgrade that Bragg Creek residents have been seeking for years. It was within a day of being announced by the Notley Government, but was pulled off the table when it was realized property consultation hadn't taken place.

While that necessary consultation has already begun with the Tsuut'ina Nation and Rocky View County, the upgrade isn't expect to be completed until 2025.

Rosin says residents were pleased the upgrade was announced but were looking for a solution now.

"I heard almost immediately after that, that 2025 was too far away, and they needed immediately relief," says Rosin. "So, I went back to work with McIver's office to look at more immediate solutions.

"I'm proud to say that semi-permanent traffic lights are going to be installed within the next one or two months, and those will be permanent until the upgrade is complete in 2025."

The intersection is known to be heavily congested during peak summer travelling.

"I heard from Bragg Creek residents that traffic congestion is just out of control, and it was starting to have a very serious effect on the business in the hamlet, and also on the accessibility to the recreational trails and people's willingness to use them."

In June, the province made the commitment to upgrade the interchange.